Every business has a vision of what they want their company to be. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the ways to communicate this to their desired audience.  We will evaluate current marketing efforts, decipher desired results and execute a customized marketing program and message that fits all unique situations.

This is not a one-time service, but the building block of the partnership between J Wild Marketing and its clients.  Full Service Marketing Consulting includes Current Marketing Evaluation, Messaging Conceptualizing, Media Outlet Evaluation on all levels and will be the first point of contact for all potential media spends, and negotiation mediator on those spends if applicable.

A businesses’ website is the cornerstone of their Digital Presence.  We will ensure that your website conveys exactly what you need it to online.  A businesses’ web presence is the most important aspect a business can do for itself besides providing excellent products and services.  The development of your site will not conclude until it’s exactly the one you want it.
Your website has to be easy to navigate and read on any mobile device.  If not, a potential customer could become discouraged and move to another option.  We will make sure your website and its content is easily read on any mobile device.  This component of your online presence is essential, and Search Engines give more prominence to a website that has a great mobile presence.  We will make sure this happens!
Participating in Social Media is no longer an option.  Choosing the correct Social Media Channels and executing the most relevant strategy adds validity to a business, and allows businesses to reach out to repeat and referral customers.  The NEW Word of Mouth is “Digital Word of Mouth”.  We will maintain consistent posts and add the content needed to make sure this part of your business is exceptional!
Search Engine Optimization goes beyond your Website and Social Media Channels.  There are necessary steps that need to take place in order for your presence to show up in relevant search results.  If a potential customer cannot find you online rest assured they are finding your competition.  Content is KING when it comes to being found online.  We will make sure your website is optimized to the best of its ability, and also maintain fresh content in the places that are most relevant to your industry.
We have networks that will display your Digital Advertising Message on National and Regional Websites. Tell us who your customer is, or who you want them to be and we will display your message to them in a Geo-Targeted area.
Creativity and concise messaging is an integral part of any communication.  We take pride making sure your business is seen in its best light with our creative services.  Our services include Logo Design, Ad Campaign Development, Marketing Material Development, Promotional Item Development (pens, cups, signage, other relevant premiums etc…), Business Card Design, Photography Services, and Video Production.
Bringing existing or potential customers to your front door is sometimes the best way to showcase your products, services and to solidify relationships.  We will conceptualize, organize and execute any event that makes sense for your business whether it’s at your place of business or an off-site location.